Pediatric Dentistry

The best care in Estepona for those you love the most

Find out more about our child dentistry treatments. The best care in Estepona for those you love the most.

At Estepona Dental Clinic we understand the importance of developing habits of oral hygiene for the young ones and that they come for a revision approximately every 6 months, being of great importance that when young they come so it results more familiar for them, this will motivate them for the following controls, avoiding that “dental fear” which often suffer the younger ones. At Estepona Dental Clinic we divide the odontopediatrics in:


We take the appropriate and necessary measures anticipating oral problems that may arise. To achieve it is necessary to visit a consultation periodically.


It is the part of the odontology which is responsible of exploring and treating the child patient. Detecting abnormalities in the position of the jaws or teeth to perform a restorative treatment if needed, avoiding possible decay, and treating the produced decay and its consequences, that without a correct treatment, you may even suffer the loss of teeth.


Responsible for diagnosis and correction of malposition of the teeth, achievingto align and correct the alternations of teeth and jaws. As an advantage of this treatment you can distinguish that sorted teeth work and help chew better, they are easier to clean and more aesthetic.

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