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At Estepona Dental Clinic, we work with high-quality implants, which is why we only deal with Straumann implants, the leading company in top-quality dental implants.

The dental implant used is made of Titanium, from the reputable brand Straumann, renowned for producing high-quality and reliable dental implants.

Straumann is the number one medical company in dental implantology worldwide. The first implants, which were introduced in 1965, are Branemark implants, which now belong to the Straumann group. This company offers various types of implants to cater for all possible medical scenarios.

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It’s also worth noting the Tissue Level implants, which are more recent from the oldest and most experienced implant company. This implant has unique features that make it indispensable in some special situations: extremely soft bone, immediate load, post-extraction implants.

At Estepona Dental Clinic, we only work with Straumann, high-end implants with scientifically proven results. For more information, we invite you to get in touch with us.

Direct Benefits for the Patient

Dental implants not only enhance dental aesthetics but also have a significant impact on the quality of life of those who wear them. By choosing Straumann branded implants, patients at Estepona Dental Clinic enjoy the benefits of comfortable chewing, a radiant smile, and renewed confidence. Furthermore, Straumann implants have a high success rate, meaning fewer follow-up visits and longer durability.

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Advanced Technology for Precise Results

One of the reasons Estepona Dental Clinic has chosen to partner with Straumann is their commitment to innovation. Straumann consistently invests in research and development to ensure their implants remain at the forefront of technology.

This results in less invasive procedures, quicker recovery times, and more accurate results for our patients.

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The Importance of Continuous Training

Not only is the quality of the implant important, but also the skill of the professional who places it. At Estepona Dental Clinic, our team is continually updating their knowledge with the latest techniques in dental implantology. This ongoing training ensures the best placement and care of Straumann implants.

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