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Dental treatments in Estepona

At Clinica Dental Estepona, we offer a wide range of dental treatments carried out by several specialists.

Odontología Estepona

Prevent, halt, and cure cavities in all their stages.

Our conservative dentistry services include measures to prevent, halt, and cure cavities at every stage, in addition to providing dental reconstruction for damaged teeth.

Optimal dental health for the little ones.

We offer top-notch dental health for the youngest members of the family. We provide various children’s dentistry treatments and a team of experts ensuring the best oral care for your children.

Teeth whitening and dental veneers for a dazzling smile.

At Clinica Dental Estepona, we specialise in cosmetic dentistry treatments, with years of experience in dental veneers and teeth whitening.

Discover the benefits of Invisalign invisible orthodontics.

With Invisalign Invisible Orthodontics, you can align your teeth easily and comfortably, achieving even better results than with traditional orthodontics methods.

Correction of teeth alignment and bite issues.

Find out the type of orthodontics best suited for your needs and get advice from our specialists at Estepona Dental Clinic. Obtain a new, healthy, and beautiful smile.

We guarantee high-quality implants, restoring the feeling of never having lost a tooth.

We work with the leading international brand in implantology, Straumann, to ensure safety and reliability in our services.

Learn about the latest news regarding dental prosthetics.

Discover the latest in fixed and removable prosthetics and dental implants at Clinica Dental Estepona. We’ll offer you all kinds of solutions to regain your smile.

Treatment of the tooth’s internal canals.

We have a multidisciplinary team of experts in Endodontics in Estepona with over 25 years of experience in this type of treatment.

Pathologies that affect the tissues surrounding the tooth.

We specialise in periodontics and are committed to solving issues related to periodontitis, gingivitis, or halitosis. We also conduct regular check-ups to prevent future periodontal issues.

Do you know if you’re a bruxist? Do you clench and grind your teeth?

We assist you in treating bruxism with a customised occlusal splint, and we have a team of specialists in bruxism and TMJ.