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The orthodontics is the speciality that is responsible of correcting the alienation of the teeth and byte problems. It is the technique in which the teeth are situated in an alienated and correct form for its use and aesthetic.

Nowadays the orthodontics is used on both children and adults obtaining excellent results. The orthodontics can be an ideal alternative to recuperate the balance and the harmony of the teeth. There are cutting-edge techniques that use invisible braces, undetectable to the naked eye.

Our orthodontic specialist will conduct a thorough clinical examination and careful study of the specific case with photographs, radiographs and study models of the patient to assess the specific needs of the case.

Discover in our clinic the best options offered by orthodontics:

Labial or conventional orthodontics: in the labial or conventional technique the braces are placed on the surface in front of the teeth.

Invisible or invisalign orthodontics: it is a new and innovative method that uses a series of removable custom-made invisible alienators to alienate your teeth without wires or metal braces.

The total treatment time goes from a very few months in simple treatments up to 19 to 24 months in severe cases in bite and tooth crowding.

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