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Orthodontics is the speciality concerned with correcting tooth alignment and bite issues. It’s the technique through which teeth are positioned in a correct and aligned manner for both functionality and aesthetics.

Nowadays, orthodontics is used for both children and adults, achieving excellent results. Orthodontics can be an ideal alternative to regain the balance and harmony of the teeth. Additionally, at Estepona Dental Clinic, we offer techniques ranging from conventional metal brackets to the most modern and aesthetic one: Invisalign.

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Our orthodontic specialist will conduct a complete clinical examination and a thorough study of the case with photographs, X-rays, and patient study models to assess the specific needs of the case.

The total treatment time ranges from just a few months for simple treatments to 18 to 24 months for severe bite and tooth crowding cases. Discover at our Clinic the best options orthodontics offers you today:

  • Lingual or Conventional Orthodontics: In the lingual or conventional technique, the brackets are placed on the front surface of the teeth.
  • Invisible Orthodontics or Invisalign: It’s a new and innovative method using a series of custom-made removable invisible aligners to straighten your teeth without wires or metal devices.

Close Monitoring During Your Treatment

At Estepona Dental Clinic, we don’t just kickstart your orthodontic treatment. We closely monitor and accompany you at every step of the process. Control visits are crucial to adjust the treatment and achieve the best outcomes. We listen to you, address your concerns, and ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout your treatment.


Benefits of Orthodontics

A perfect smile isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but it also brings oral health benefits. Orthodontics can prevent issues like cavities or periodontal diseases, thanks to better teeth distribution and alignment. Additionally, a proper bite leads to better chewing and digestion. At Estepona Dental Clinic, we aim not just to enhance your smile but also your quality of life.

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Specialists in Orthodontics for Complex Cases

Not all orthodontic issues are straightforward. At Estepona Dental Clinic, we’re equipped to handle the most complex cases, from open bites to severe malocclusions. Our team of specialists has extensive experience and training in the most advanced orthodontic methods, enabling us to successfully tackle any challenge. Come visit us and see how we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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