In health, it's better to prevent than to cure.

Dental Prevention

At Estepona Dental Clinic, we are concerned about your dental health. Prevention is better than cure. Trust the dentists at Estepona Dental Clinic.

The team of dentists and dental practitioners at Estepona Dental Clinic is committed to ensuring that our patients know the best way to care for their mouths. If prevention is not possible, early diagnosis is extremely beneficial in minimising the impact of a dental issue and therefore simplifying its treatment.

Often, the initial stages of oral diseases occur without any pain, so the only way to detect them in time is through regular check-ups. Our staff will contact you to remind you of your review appointments. In this regard, to prevent the onset of cavities, please consider the following recommendations.

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Undergo regular dental cleanings at the clinic while maintaining good oral hygiene. Depending on the patient, the brushing technique used may need to be reviewed. The frequency of cleanings at the clinic will depend on each case.
Correct alignment of the teeth is essential to prevent areas where bacteria accumulation is hard to remove. Thus, correcting teeth alignment through orthodontic treatment or Invisalign will prevent the onset of future dental diseases.
The diet of the youngest members of the family, accustomed to a diet rich in sugars, can lead to the early onset of cavities. Therefore, our medical team may recommend a dietary change and reduction in sugar intake to prevent such issues.
The emergence of the 6- and 12-year molars causes eruptions in oral anatomy, creating grooves where bacteria can accumulate. In these cases, our dentists recommend the placement of fissure sealants. Also, in this age range, it is advisable to reinforce tooth enamel with fluoride. Regardless, this will need to be assessed by our medical team at the clinic.

The Role of General Health in Oral Health

Oral health directly reflects the body’s overall health. A well-nourished and balanced body benefits oral health. It’s essential to maintain a balanced diet, not only reducing sugar but also incorporating foods rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C, vital for strengthening gums and teeth. Furthermore, avoiding tobacco and limiting alcohol intake is crucial for maintaining a healthy mouth.


Appropriate Tools for Good Hygiene

Not all mouths are the same, and what works for one person might not be suitable for another. That’s why having the right tools is essential. From toothbrushes of varying sizes and hardness to different types of dental floss, at Estepona Dental Clinic, we guide our patients to choose the best for their needs.

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Water: The Essential Liquid

Water is not only crucial for general well-being but also plays a key role in oral health. Drinking water, especially after consuming acidic or sugary foods and drinks, helps neutralise and eliminate acids that can demineralise tooth enamel. In areas where water is fluoridated, regular consumption also contributes to strengthening tooth enamel.

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