General Dentistry

Prevent, stop and treat dental caries

At Estepona Dental Clinic we offer General dentistry treatments. You will have at your disposal a whole and prepared team of dentists and hygienists that will help you maintain a healthy mouth, preventing cavities and aesthetically pleasing.

Our dentists perform restorative dentistry treatments that can reconstruct the damaged teeth, restoring the tooth to its anatomical shape and appearance.

The dentists of our clinic besides being capable to diagnose, prevent and treat the dental problems, they have great experience and kept in a constant training and updating in regards to the new techniques that keep appearing in the world of oral health.

We want you to shine with a healthy and pleasant smile. That is why we offer you treatments in general dentistry like orthopantomography, mouth cleaning, hygiene or tartar removal procedure, amalgam or composite fillings and great reconstruction.

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