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Dentistry is advancing at an intense pace. New dental techniques and tools are constantly emerging that allow dentists to enhance the quality of treatments to achieve better oral health.

At Estepona Dental Clinic, we have always been committed to adopting these innovations. Therefore, with the sole aim of continuing to improve and ensuring our dental treatments are increasingly effective, we have introduced a new technology called CEREC, which allows the design and fabrication of dental crowns on the spot to carry out the treatment in a single session. Today, with the CEREC system (CEramic REConstruction), it’s possible to make a crown or veneer in situ.

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Tecnología CEREC

How Does CEREC Work?


Simple, fast, and very accurate process


Intuitive, true to the original, and with a single click


Precision, time-saving, and versatility

With the CEREC camera, a three-dimensional photograph of the tooth is taken, avoiding the need for traditional moulds. The 3D software included with this technology designs the dental piece to be replaced in three dimensions. From a solid block of ceramic, the CEREC milling machine shapes the desired piece in just a few minutes. Thus, the dentist at Estepona Dental Clinic can permanently place the piece for the patient in the same session.

The biggest advantage of CEREC technology lies in the ability to perform ceramic restorations like Crowns or Veneers in a single session, unlike the traditional method which requires multiple sessions at the clinic.

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