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For 25 years, we’ve had endodontic specialists who have performed hundreds of root canal treatments.

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the study, pathology, and treatment of the dental pulp; the associated injuries, complications and sequelae of previous endodontic treatments, and tooth malformations.

Decay, dental trauma, and periodontal disease are the most common causes of irreversible dental pulp injury. When this happens, the only option to save the tooth is to remove the dead or diseased pulp, sealing the space created as tightly as possible.

Endodoncia Estepona
Estepona Endodoncia

A root canal treatment involves removing the diseased pulp tissue and bacteria from the tooth’s interior channels; cleaning and preparing them to the ends of their roots, and then filling and sealing them fully with a special material to prevent future infections.

Once the treatment is completed by the endodontic specialist, a reconstruction of the tooth’s crown will need to be done. Depending on the initial damage to the tooth, this could be a simple repair or, if the enamel is very weak and has fractured, we might need to fit a crown and occasionally support it with a post and core.

Our approach to endodontics

At Dental Clinic Estepona, our main goal is to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. Teeth treated through endodontics often last many years, even a lifetime, with proper care. Our team of endodontic specialists uses the latest techniques and technologies in the field to ensure the utmost precision and comfort during the treatment.


Advanced endodontic technology

We utilise advanced technology in our endodontic procedures. From dental microscopes for a detailed view of the work area to digital radiography systems to reduce radiation exposure, our aim is to provide patients with the highest level of dental care. These tools allow us to identify and address issues more effectively, ensuring every patient receives the best possible care.

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Personalised and quality care

Every smile is unique, so every root canal treatment we undertake is fully customised to meet the specific needs of each patient. We work closely with you to understand your oral health, your concerns, and your goals. At Dental Clinic Estepona, we value open communication and personalised attention, ensuring you feel comfortable and secure throughout the process.

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