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Endodontic Specialists in Estepona. We have performed hundreds of root canals in Estepona.

This is the part of dentistry that deals with the study, pathology and treatment of dental pulp, associated injuries, complications and consequences of previous endodontic treatments, as well as tooth malformations.

Caries, dental trauma and periodontal disease are the most common causes that explain why the dental pulp is irreversibly injured. When this happens, the only alternative to conserve the tooth is removing necrotic or sick pulp by sealing the space created as tightly as possible.

Therefore, endodontics is a dental treatment that removes the diseased pulp tissue and bacteria from inside the tooth ducts, cleans and prepares them all the way to the end of its roots and completely fills them with a special material that secures the sealing to prevent future infections.

Once treatment is completed by the specialist in endodontics at Estepona Dental Clinic, a reconstruction of the tooth crown will have to be performed. Depending on its initial damage, it may be just a simple filling, or, if the enamel is very weak and broken, we will sometimes have to place a crown, and even in some cases use the help of a post and core.

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