Removable, fixed or dental implants. It’s up to you!

Dentures in Estepona. Fixed dentures, removable and dental implants in Estepona Dental Clinic.

At the Estepona Dental Clinic you’ll find dental specialists in dentures that give you the ability to reconstruct your mouth with metal-free dental prostheses, using entirely aesthetic materials, both ceramic as well as zirconium.

Recent technical advances in materials also allow us to manufacture dentures that are very thin and resistant, hypoallergenic and fairly elastic, providing very optimal conditions for adaptation, comfort and cosmetic dentistry.

The advantages of these materials are as follows:


Increased biocompatibility


Improved aesthetics without dark areas near the gums


Better physical properties


No metal corrosion


No electricity or temperature transmission


No antenna effect with electromagnetic radiation and mobile phones

These materials can be used both for restorations on implants and restorations on teeth, and on any type of prosthesis. These can be fixed or removable, for a single tooth or several teeth. The current fixed prosthesis par excellence is the dental implant that, given its characteristics, is the treatment of choice in most cases.

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