CEREC Technology

Treatment in just one session



Odontology advances at a very intense rhythm. New technics and tools appear constantly that allow the dentists to improve their quality in the treatments to obtain a better oral health. At Clinica Dental Estepona since always we have been committed to add these innovations and that’s why, with the only purpose to keep getting better and make our oral treatments more and more efficient, we have added a new technology named CEREC which allows to design and produce the dental crowns in the act to perform the treatment in one session. Today it is possible with the CEREC system (CEramic REConstruction) to make a crown or veneer in situ.



How does CEREC Work?




Easy, fast and very precise process




Intuitive, faithful to the original and with only one click




Precision, Time Saving and Versatility



With the CEREC camera a three-dimensional photograph is made of the dental piece avoiding traditional molds. With the 3D software which includes this technology the three-dimensional dental piece to substitute is designed. From a compact ceramic block the CEREC milling machine molds the desired part in a few minutes. This way, the dentist at Clinica Dental Estepona con place the piece to the patient permanently in the same session.

The greatest advantage of the CEREC technology resides in the possibility of making ceramic restorations like crowns or veneers in one single session against the traditional method which requires lots of sessions at the clinic.



CEREC Demostration Video


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