Medical Staff

Meet our Team

We have a brilliant team. Dentists specializing in different fields of dental health. Come and meet us.

Estepona Dental Clinic has a total of 10 profesionals – 4 dentists, 4 clinic assistants and 2 receptionists – working day by day to provide the best medical-orthodontist attention with the objective to find integral solution to the problems of our patients. All doctors have completed postgrade studies in their respective specialties.

Dr. José Luis Moreno

Dentistry and Orthodontics

  • Degree in Dentistry (1991-1996) by University of Granada.
  • Master in Orthodontic (1998-1999) European Center for Orthodontics.
  • Master in Orthodontic Invisalign (2006).

Dr. María del Mar Ramírez

General Dentistry

  • Degree in Dentistry (2002-2007) by the University of Granada.
  • Master in Oral Surgery, Implantology and Endodontics (2010-2011) in Madrid.

Doctor Francisco Cabello

Odontología y Cirugía oral

  • Degree in Dentistry ( 2002-2007) by the University Alfonso X el Sabio.
  • Postgraduate in Dental Radiodiagnosis Management(2007) by the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio.
  • Master in Oral Surgery, Implantology and Endodontics(2009-2010) in Madrid.